Valerie Janßen

Funding and legal
Valerie is a lawyer who focuses on the relationship between the state and its citizens. During her training stints at the courthouse and prosecutor’s office, she began to look more deeply into mental health issues and joined the not-alright project. Here she is mainly responsible for funding and legal matters.

Hannah Knust

Texts and social media
Hannah studied environmental science and has been active in the climate justice movement for many years. Through experiences in her activist and professional environments, as well as in her personal life, the issue of mental health has become increasingly important to her. Today she studies psychology and is training to become a psychotherapist. At not-alright, she works on social media and is responsible for the written content.

Miriam Arnold

Funding // Participating artist
Miriam is a freelance dancer and dance facilitator. Already during her studies in contemporary dance, theater pedagogy and art science, as well as in her current artistic work in collaboration with other artists, she dealt with social issues miromiround explored topics around the area of mental health on a physical and artistic level. For not – alright, the film series Haunted Ghosts was created in collaboration with Ramin. She is also responsible for Funding and Artists.

Ramin Aryaie

Design and curation