Valerie Janssen

Funding and legal
Valerie is a lawyer who focuses on the relationship between the state and its citizens. During her training stints at the courthouse and prosecutor’s office, she began to look more deeply into mental health issues and joined Project Not-alright. Here she is mainly responsible for funding and legal matters.

Hannah Knust

Texts and social media
Hannah studied environmental science and has been active in the climate justice movement for many years. Through experiences in her activist and professional environments, as well as in her personal life, the issue of mental health has become increasingly important to her. Today she studies psychology and is training to become a psychotherapist. At not-alright, she works on social media and is responsible for the written content.

Miriam Arnold

Funding // Participating artist
Miriam is a freelance dancer and dance facilitator. Already during her studies in contemporary dance, theater pedagogy and art science, as well as in her current artistic work in collaboration with other artists, she dealt with social issues miromiround explored topics around the area of mental health on a physical and artistic level. For not – alright, the film series Haunted Ghosts was created in collaboration with Ramin. She is also responsible for Funding and Artists.

Ramin Aryaie

Design and curation

Ramin Aryaie is a german-iranian audio-visual artist, activist, film maker and freelance designer. They grew up in western Germany, creating and experimenting with visuals from a young age. Over the years they have traveled around 30 countries, self-studying photography, film, live projections, web design, layout for print and digital as well as branding along the way.

After returning they wrote, designed and self-released their first photo-book ‘Black Magic Baby Jesus’, a thorough documentation of life in general and their experiences in specific on several islands in Vanuatu. The book is a critical exploration of topics such as patriarchy, neocolonialism, spirituality and domestic violence in the post-colonial societies of Vanuatu.

Exploring the cross-over between systemic discrimination, economic exploitation, empowerment and organising and what some might call faith, has long interested Ramin and influenced their work. This is how they ended up bringing together art, activism and spirituality. There are no borders or limits to how mediums, perspectives and approaches can be mixed to resemble reality much more than we are used to. Or to externally create new realities, dystopias and utopias, to reflect, heal and challenge ourselves and each other to co-create a different, more equal and fair future for all beings on this planet.

A little heads-up

We are aware that the topics we discuss on this website are very sensitive. Make sure to check in with yourself on how much you want to see and which topics are okay for you to comprehend in this moment. Remember to take a break whenever you need it. Some people feel more at ease to experience the website with someone they feel safe and comfortable with.


We use trigger and content warnings for our website. Why?
A trigger or content warning is in essence a “consent button for content” (1). We want to provide as much information and input as possible, also as an instrument in the healing processes. However, we understand that certain topics can trigger a psychological or physical response that may be overwhelming. “By putting choice back into the hands of those who have had traumatic experiences, they help create a safe space. This way, those with trauma can decide when and how to engage with the content.” (2) We want to show that we acknowledge your experience and encourage you to decide whether you want to engage in a certain topic or not.


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