Winter Solstice


Content Note

Racist History

From the darkest point we dream, release, reflect, we grieve, we rest, we listen and then, like the seasons turning from winter to spring, we slowly move back into the light.

The piece ‘Winter Solstice’ was created during the winter solstice of 2020, while covid-19, and social unrest sent the world unto a collective tailspin like never before. It was the darkest night of the year.

This piece feels like courting feelings often pushed back and swept aside.

It’s exhaustion, grief, and tending to deep wounds. It’s a form of peace in relinquishing control and witnessing the turning of a tide. Its community, and the importance of our interconnected support even when it must only be felt in solitude. It feels like black ancestral reveries, like soft weight, tenderness, and home on the shoulders of kindred spirits and ancestral giants. It feels like letting go, like letting yourself be small. It feels like the stillness before the dawn. There is real life in the flushed cheeks, tear streaks and vibrancy of having felt it all.


Chanté Glover