The Gleam

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[TW: SA, r*pe]

What do we know? And what can we do? These questions are the anchor of Robin Myers immersing poem that floats around the absurdly deep rift yawning between the cruelty and beauty of human existence.

The Gleam is a unique short film merging poetry, dance, film making, drone music and a unique way of emotional editing. Everyday observations and fragile sketches of diverse life stories are woven into an overwhelming picture of grief, hope, melancholy and quiet, thoughtful joy. It extends the delicate observations the poem offers into an audio-visual journey through human existence while finding and creating new meanings and metaphors. A white sheet lying draped on the forest floor, a human body devouring itself, the suspension of gravity in mid-air.

Like in a crystal we feel what it means to be alive.

Valle Doering

audio repair

Nora Schramm


Ramin Aryaie


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