4 movement films that explore isolation and trauma

through the convergence of natural sound and movement with algorithmic AI technology, drone film and machine manipulations.


In collaboration with the newly formed neo-classical electronic group Golden Cut, filmmaker Ramin Aryaie was inspired to create four films based on four musical pieces recorded last year in Jeremy Black’s Berlin recording Studio. Created in an improvisational setting, Black uses live electronics, effects and samplers to manipulate violist Shelley Sörensen and cellist Rachel Maio improvisations. Thus creating lush sound scapes, emotional loops and rhythmic accents that can provide a foundation for raw emotional live productions to take form.


The films, like the music are also based around improvisation and pure emotion. The dance pieces were filmed in nature with a drone. They explore the relationship between bodies, emotions and algorithms. The themes of these films are past traumas and their resurfacing. The ghosts that haunt us and the ghosts we haunt (thus the title: haunted ghosts). They are the first project to be released as part of a larger scope project on mental health and depression called “Not Alright”.


To further bond the films and the music we approached 4 of our favorite writers to create spoken word pieces that share experiences with their personal “ghost”. Each author writing to their assigned piece only, with the intention of creating a dialogue between the films and an overarching commonality of these kinds of of experiences.

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