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haunted ghosts

2022 / germany

Haunted Ghosts is a visual EP by alt-classical electronic trio Golden Cut in collaboration with dancer Miriam Arnold and film maker Ramin Aryaie, with contributions by singer Awir Leon and poet Rose Droll.

Glass Beach by Rose Droll

I’ll miss it like a morning train

and wonder where it could have gone

But never will I watch the clock and cry.

Those days have risen healthily

in flames as hot as christian hell

But never will I stick on asking why.

The love I learned to set aside

Peripherally haunts my eyes

And catches every light I might let in.

But all the colors, bright and pale,

The diamonds in its shadows’ cast,

Satanic shapes in midnight’s moon,

Like whispers of a lover’s croon,

Are pointed teeth of Cheshire cats,

As sharp as pain in lower backs,

Sands of beaches full of glass

That bleed the feet that hurry past.

I strap on boots with heavy sole

To tread on glass, to stand alone.

The shore a shallow feathers’ brush,

The swell of waters calm and warm.

And out beyond these simple swells,

A deeper, darker lack. And though

I hear the song of sirens call,

I’m never calling back.


Ramin Aryaie

Direction, drone operation and editing

Golden Cut


Rachel Maio


Jeremy Black

drum Programming, Sound design, live audio manipulations, production, Engineering and Mixing

Awir Leon

Vocals and lyrics on The Return

Rose Droll


Awir Leon

Vocals and lyrics on The Return

Miles DeIaco

additional engineering

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