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Cotton Candy — Tigrrez Punch

2021 / germany

"Cotton Candy is a wonderful depressing, borderline weird chaotic and still somehow dancy pop song about dissociating, deep sea diving and drugs."


Where I came from ten thousand feed below the water surface
head above the water voices never entered my ears.
I feel nothing. Who am I addicted to fuzziness comfort outside myself they discovered life

this is not dying is it
this is not dying is it
this is not dying is it

Opioids distant look in the pool
without feeling the sensation of wet.
Mermaid sleepless underwater.

this is not dying is it
this is not dying is it
this is not dying is it

Whispers loose time gone I don’t feel solid, the stranger in the mirror, cannabinoid small flashes of fluorescent fish,
fucked up sense of time, scary
things aren’t real, the ice cube nothing but a story.

this is not dying is it
this is not dying is it
this is dying

Slow me down
Spidersenses at peace there is no spoon.
Did I say something I wasn’t listening emptiness befriend me sailfish turquoise.


Johanna Besseling

Direction, animation and edit

Tigrrez Punch


Max Schulz

Additional Art

Tigrrez Punch

Music and Production

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