Stories and art pieces
discovering mental health and depression.

not alright is a collaborative art project in which perspectives on mental health are explored in a growing transmedia format, first on a web platform, later in a book. It forms a more inclusive approach to mental health and finds a language that connects our collective understanding of mental health, of who we are and how we feel, without creating in and out groups, without establishing clear boundaries. It aims to educate in a respectful and humble way while asking questions, finding answers and inspiring conversations.

Open Call!

We are looking for artists and illustrators to work with us on this project! Find information on how to apply below!

Open Call


The artworks, created independently by you, are embedded into overarching concepts and complemented by further information that aid in understanding the context of these experiences.

It is a way to transfer the scientific and individual knowledge about mental health by finding more intuitive methods of communication: stories, essays and art in all its forms.

You can either apply with already existing works, or with ideas for something you want to realise; any artistic approach is welcome, though we have limited resources for the realisation of larger projects. Each artist is paid a licensing fee for their work which will be discussed in advance. The works will be published on our website, on Instagram and later on in a book.

We’d love to see you contacting us through with your portfolio, your work/the proposal of your idea and a short motivation letter. Your information and work will be handled confidentially and deleted after the selection process.

Open Call


We are also looking for a illustrator with an abstract style that can capture the issues that are explored in a thought-provoking yet sensitive way.

In your role you will be working with the authors of the texts to find visual representations of their ideas to use on the website and potentially later in the book. Your fee will be discussed in advance.

We’d love to see you contacting us through with a selection of your previous work along with a few lines on why this project interests you.

We are encouraging everyone to apply, especially marginalised people.


We are looking for support!

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