Haunted Ghosts

The new EP by Golden Cut

Haunted Ghosts is a visual EP by alt-classical electronic trio Golden Cut in collaboration with dancer Miriam Arnold and film maker Ramin Aryaie, with contributions by singer Awir Leon and poet Rose Droll.

Haunted Ghosts by Golden Cut
the EP
Created in an improvisational setting, Black uses live electronics, effects and samplers to sculpt the sounds of violist Shelley Sörensen and cellist Rachel Maio into emotional loops, rhythmic accents and lush soundscapes. These provide the foundation for raw emotional live production to take deeper form.
Golden Cut

Shelley Sörensen



Golden Cut

Rachel Maio



Jeremy Black

the Film

alongside the music, a four part film series will be released in the coming days

The four part film series explores different emotional states and their resurfacing in the present body through the convergence of natural sound, movement and improvisation in a distinctive aerial cinematography.
Golden Cut

Mırıam Arnold



Ramin Aryaie



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