Seasoul showed us her soft side during her 2019 hippie festival performances (Herzberg, Wurzelfestival, Mit Dir, Entropie, LOST ART BERLIN etc.), she was angry and honest on 2020's MOTH EP and vulnerable and open on MY MONSTER AND I (2021) - an EP where Seasoul confronts themes around mental health for the first time.
During her music production studies, the Berliner-by-choice has explored different genres and is now showing herself on new stages with new songs, guitar sounds and stories from the lockdown. Where disruption is coupled with harmony, where strength is combined with softness, and tenderness fused with roughness Seasoul's sound aesthetic can be found. Personal pain is sung away, fears are softened by the stroke of the keys, and as the lyrics pass through their ears every listener will find their own struggles, triumphs and emotions mirrored in Seasouls songs. A non-violent and harmonious space is created - an invitation to everyone who needs just that.

My Monster and I