Chanté Glover
Painter - they/them, or she/her
Chanté Glover is a freelance multimedia artist, with a focus on painting, illustration, and tattoo, living in Santa Barbara California. Chante was born in Maui, Hawaii to artist parents, and at age 6 moved to Santa Barbara, CA. Growing up as a multiracial and non-binary creative, they often felt a sense of displacement in their communities, experiencing life on the fringe of multiple worlds. After graduating from the SB high school VADA program, and a brief time at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, they decided to leave the united states for years of travel to explore less conventional ways of living and engaging with art and creativity. Inwardly they began the search for a deeper sense of self and belonging, garnering new world perspectives while exploring what ties us together in our shared humanity. Chanté seeks to utilize art as a way of exploring these intersections of identity, ambiguity, spirituality, sensation and dreams while diving deeper into the unseen threads that connect and uplift us. They are continually engaging with the question of what it is to be human. Chanté often paints people immersed in rich colors, gold leaf and symbolism as a way to explore these personal and collective narratives. Their award winning work has been featured in publications such as V Magazine, and has been showcased in various events and exhibits around the world. Currently Chanté is working on a series of acrylic paintings entitled ‘Winter Solstice’, exploring the realms of grief, interdependence, and hope amongst civil unrest and the ongoing global pandemic of 2020-2021.

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Winter Solstice

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