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How can we empower people struggling with mental health issues?

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How can we break taboos around depression and suicide and start conversations about these issues?

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How can we reduce shame and prejudice around these topics?

These questions have inspired this project.

new perspectives

not-alright is a platform for artistic exploration and storytelling around mental health and depression. With this project we would like to provide new perspectives and approaches, and thus educate in a respectful and humble way while asking questions, finding answers, and inspiring conversations. The aim is to encourage others to find their own forms of expression through artworks and essays by affected people. The goal is to raise awarness in a low-threshold way and to overcome the speechlessness of those affected, their families and friends, as well as to create a sense of self-efficacy. We believe that it is often the most helpful to hear the voice of affected people and we are convinced that we need to talk a lot more about mental health.

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A little heads-up

We are aware that the topics we discuss on this website are very sensitive. Make sure to check in with yourself on how much you want to see and which topics are okay for you to comprehend in this moment. Remember to take a break whenever you need it. Some people feel more at ease to experience the website with someone they feel safe and comfortable with.


We use trigger and content warnings for our website. Why?
A trigger or content warning is in essence a “consent button for content” (1). We want to provide as much information and input as possible, also as an instrument in the healing processes. However, we understand that certain topics can trigger a psychological or physical response that may be overwhelming. “By putting choice back into the hands of those who have had traumatic experiences, they help create a safe space. This way, those with trauma can decide when and how to engage with the content.” (2) We want to show that we acknowledge your experience and encourage you to decide whether you want to engage in a certain topic or not.


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